Our treatments

Our treatments

Our massage team is available to work with you to choose the select the right massage therapy. From detoxifying lymphatic drainage to relaxing aromatic oil massages and beauty treatments, there is a lot of variety so that we can pamper you from head to toe.

Classic Swedish massage
Part-body massage (20 minutes)   18,5
Full-body massage (50 minutes)   44

Foot reflex (25 minutes)   28

Anti-stress massage
Aroma oil massage (25 minutes)  28
Aroma oil massage (55 minutes) 51

Anti-stress head and neck massage
(20 minutes) 

Energizing massage
Hot stone massage (25 minutes)   25
Hot stone Massage (55 minutes)  56

Beauty Treatments
Vitality facial- and decollate massage (30 min.)  28
Anti-aging with Fruit flakes (60 min.)  42,5
Anti-aging with Fruit flakes (60 min.)     34